Drop Everything Now...

When I meet my fans it’s not like meeting a stranger. It’s sort of like saying hello to someone that I already know is on the same page with me, and I just feel so thankful to have that understanding between us because I have so much fun with them.”

Taylor out and about in New York City on July 7th

“We heart Taylor Swift even more! @taylorswift13 will debut new songs JUST FOR US @IHeartRadio Music Festival #Vegas!”

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" Well, good evening. "

"One of my favorite scenes was the bathtub. And that’s just a really subtle scene that you see just a few times during the video. But there’s something so sad about someone sitting in a bathtub with their clothes on and it’s snowing inside. I mean, that’s sad. I really loved expressing that emotion that way."


Taylor walks on stage in for the iHeart radio festival in the Red finale outfit, the new single’s opening bars begin and the dancer rip off her outfit like the old YBWM and boom new era begins



jaime_king: There is only ONE ninja turtle in town and that is@taylorswift! Vid cred @kyle_newman